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    Причина бана: Variation abuse
    Cause of the suspension: Variation abuse ⠀
    • Was taken to work: 23.09.2019
    • Account was reinstated: 20.11.2019
    • Account was blocked: 59 days
    • Were written: 9 appeals
    • Calls made: 5 phone calls
    The issue

    Our client created variations where Parent ASIN and Child ASIN were different, the themes of variations also were incorrect. The manufacturer did not sell the goods in the variations that our client created. These and other problems regarding variations led to the ban of the account.

    Amazon froze more than $ 10,000 on the account, which could permanently remain on hold in case of our failure.

    The results of the work:

    We have written an appeal which was rejected with the request for “greater detail”.
    Further we sent several new appeals with others Plan of Actions, which were detailed in accordance with the requirements of Amazon. After sending the ninth appeal, we received a “happy letter” stating that the account was reinstated.

    Причина бана: Product Detail Page Violation/ Abuse
    Cause of the suspension: Product Detail Page Violation/ Abuse
    • Was taken to work: 23.10.2019
    • Account was reinstated: 30.10.2019
    • Account was blocked: 8 days
    • Were written: 4 appeals by our client, 2 appeals by our team
    The issue

    The account was blocked due to the fact that the product was mistakenly assigned the wrong title, the product was added to inventory by the account manager by accident, the client did not plan to sell it. Listing owner reported violation to client, after that, the title was immediately changed to correct one, and the product itself was completely removed from the inventory.

    However, Amazon still banned the account for this kind of violation.

    The results of the work:

    On the 6th day after sending the appeal with the detailed plan of action and the root cause for the incorrect original product title, we received a message stating that account was reinstated.

    Причина бана:  Intellectual Property infringements
    Cause of the suspension: Intellectual Property infringements
    • Was taken to work: 24.09.2019
    • Account was reinstated: 11.11.2019
    • Account was blocked:  52 days
    • Were written: 4 appeals
    The issue

    The supplier of our seller has not been verified by the Amazon team.

    The results of the work:

    We have studied all complaints about intellectual property violation and wrote a Plan of action.

    After the first appeal letter was rejected, we have reviewed all complaints again and account information and discovered that the seller had mismatch in tracking rate. The mismatch was happened due to the supplier didn’t provide the seller with a valid tracking number.

    Just after we complete our plan of action with this paragraphs and completely admitted our guilt – the account was reinstated.

    Причина бана: Inauthentic
    Cause of the suspension: Inauthentic
    • Was taken to work: 04.07.2019
    • Account was reinstated: 09.11.2019
    • Account was blocked: 146 days
    • Were written: 5 plans of action, including 1 appeal letter to Jeff Bezos Team. Before contacting us, the seller wrote 9 appeals including appeal letter to Jeff Bezos Team.
    The issue

    Seller’s supplier is “blacklisted” by Amazon.

    The results of the work:

    In our first appeal letters, we wrote Plans of action basically on our knowledge. But after some rejects from Seller Performance Team and then after monthly ignore us by Amazon we changed the strategy.

    We have studied new provisions about Inauthentic issues, fixed our appeal in addition to new information and sent to our new sources.  Besides we have used outsourcing.

    Причина бана: Utility Bill
    Cause of the suspension: Utility Bill
    • Was taken to work: 05.08.2019
    • Account was reinstated: 21.08.2019
    • Account was blocked:  34 days
    • We have written: 2 appeals by our client (including an appeal to Jeff Bezos) and 1 appeal by our team
    • Calls made: 1 phone calls
    The issue

    This was the second account of our client, the first is registered specifically for him, and the second (described) – for his company. Both accounts had the name of the client.

    The results of the work:

    On August 12th we wrote an appeal and made a call to Seller Support to clarify the information. There were no responses from the Amazon about a week. As a result, on August 21th the notification about the reinstatement of seller account was sent.

    Причина бана: Used Sold As New
    Cause of the suspension: Used Sold As New
    • Was taken to work: 15.07.2019
    • Account was reinstated: 07.08.2019
    • Account was blocked:  32 days
    • Were written: 1 appeal by our client and 1 appeal by our team.
    The issue

    Amazon has blocked the seller’s account due to a negative review on a product that has already been used.

    The results of the work:

    We requested from our client the documents confirming the quality of his products (invoices, authorization letter from the supplier, as well as quality certificates). On August 6 an appeal was sent. It included the above documents, as well as a plan of action.

    Despite the fact that the seller was not guilty in this situation, he took full responsibility because he primarily cares about his customers (this was emphasized in the plan of action).

    The next day, on August 7th, the seller account and selling privileges were reinstated.

    Причина бана: Inauthentic
    Cause of the suspension: Inauthentic
    • Was taken to work: 09.09.2019
    • Account was reinstated: 26.09.2019
    • Account was blocked: 97 days
    • Were written: 10 appeals by our client, 2 appeals by our team
    • Calls made: 5 phone calls
    The issue

    The seller sold DVD (Harry Potter films, some Netflix TV shows, etc.). He had permission to sell discs until Amazon terminated this one. The seller ignored Amazon notification to stop selling the DVD.

    The results of the work:

    After studying his problems, we wrote an appeal and sent it on 17/09/2019. We have been refused. Changing the approach to the problem, we sent another appeal, in which we added several new points to the POA, attached documents confirming the original permission to sell discs. On September 26th the notification about the reinstatement of seller account was sent by Amazon.

    We have developed a plan for the further work of the client: recommendations for the search for suppliers, work with DVDs and customer complaints were made.

    Причина бана: Counterfeit products, Intellectual property rights violations
    Причина бана: Counterfeit products, Intellectual property rights violations
    • Бан взят в работу: 14.06.2019
    • Бан снят: 20.09.2019
    • Аккаунт был заблокирован: 98 дней
    • Было написано: 6 апелляций клиентом, 8 апелляций нами + 1 обращение в стороннюю службу
    • Сделано звонков: 2 звонка
    The issue

    Аккаунт был забанен за продажу контрафактной продукции. Также на аккаунте «висело» 7 интеллектуалок за нарушение торгового знака, патента и авторского права.

    The results of the work:

    Поскольку клиент писал Амазону большое количество раз, было принято решение написать только 2 апелляции в Амазон и дальше воспользоваться некоторыми нашими наработками. 

    В полученном ответе Амазон запросил более детальную информацию, которую мы должны включить в апелляцию. Дальнейшие апелляции были написаны без инвойсов. Но в ответ Амазон каждый раз высылал «Greater detail». Оставалось менять только root causes, что и привело к разбану аккаунта.

    Причина бана: Counterfeit products, Intellectual property rights violations
    Cause of the suspension: Counterfeit products, Intellectual property rights violations
    • Was taken to work: 14.06.2019
    • Account was reinstated: 20.09.2019
    • Account was blocked:  98 days
    • Were written: 6 appeals by our client, 8 appeals by our team
    • Calls made: 2 phone calls
    The issue

    The account was blocked for selling counterfeit products. Also, the account had 7 intellectual property complaints for trademark, patent and copyright infringement.

    The results of the work:

    Since the client wrote to Amazon a large number of times, we decided to write only 2 appeals to Amazon and then use some ideas.

    In response to a letter Amazon indicated more detailed information that we should have included in the appeal. Further appeals were written without invoices. But in response, Amazon sent a notification about “Greater detail” each time. Changes in the ‘root causes’ led to the reinstatement of seller account.

    Причина бана: Utility⠀Bill
    Cause of the suspension: Utility⠀Bill
    • Was taken to work: 21.07.2019
    • Account was reinstated: 18.09.2019
    • Account was blocked:  68 days
    • Were written: 4 appeals by the client, 4 appeals (including a letter to Jeff Bezos) by our team
    • Calls made: 2 calls by the client, 4 calls by our team
    The issue

    A client from the USA moved to a new house, changed the data in the Business address, but did not change the data in the Charge Method
    Due to this fact, Amazon requested Utility Bill to verify the seller.

    The results of the work:

    We have written the appeal with the Plan of Action. We have attached to the appeal letter all the necessary documents such as Business license from the client’s company, a residence permit, invoices and an authorization letter as there were active listings, as well as an official extract on the change of residence. However, Amazon ignored us.

    Next, we have submitted a letter to Jeff Bezos but did not receive an answer.

    After that, it was decided to use some new ideas.

    On September 18, the account was reinstated.

    Причина бана: Inauthentic Complaints
    Cause of the suspension: Inauthentic Complaints
    • Was taken to work: 03.06.2019
    • Account was reinstated: 16.07.2019
    • Account was blocked:  27 days
    • Were written: 4 appeals by the client, 4 appeals by our team
    • Calls made: 2 phone calls
    The issue

    The seller’s account received several negative reviews on the product.

    The results of the work:

    After sending the first appeal and invoices to the 2 ASINs which were indicated in the ban we were refused and requested to provide a more detailed plan and invoices with regard to another ASIN.

    The product under this ASIN has not been sold since November 2018. To clarify the situation, several calls were made but we did not receive information that could help us. New appeals included a new ASIN and an updated Plan of Action, but also failed.

    An appeal to Jeff was also unsuccessful. Moreover, in the last answer Amazon told that the complaints are not related to unscrupulous sellers and we must admit our guilt. As a result, we used some of our best practices to resolve misunderstandings with Amazon.

    After 13 days, the account has been reinstated.

    Cause of the suspension: Utility⠀Bill
    • Was taken to work: 29.05.2020
    • Account was reinstated: 26.06.2020
    • Account was blocked:  28 days
    • Were written: 2 appeals
    The issue

    The client received a request for the provision of Utility bill immediately after registration. Before contacting us, the client himself tried to unblock the account using various Utilities. Also, the client ordered an internal screen of the account, where Amazon found that the documents were forged, although all the documents were original.

    The results of the work:

    Before sending the first appeal and documents, we changed some information on the account and in the documents themselves.

    However, the account unblock was denied.

    Later we found out that the document that the client showed up as Utility Bill usually goes as just an invoice for payment of these services, which is issued to the company of the owner (although it contained all the data of the client and the company of the service provider). In addition to this invoice, we were able to get a real Utility Bill, where we added information about the client’s company.

    After sending Utility bill, Certificate of Incorporation and a little explanation about some discrepancy in the information in Seller Central, Amazon unblocked the account.

    Cause of the suspension: Related + Utility
    • Was taken to work: 29.11.2019
    • Account was reinstated: 19.06.2020
    • Account was blocked:  203 days
    • Were written: 7 appeals
    The issue

    The main reason for the ban was that the client created a second account when his previous account had been already blocked. And all this was done from the same PC. Then, the request for Utility also arrived.

    The results of the work:

    Our team wrote seven appeals, which explained in detail the existing violations and justified the actions of our client in the opinion of Amazon.

    We immediately decided to close the first client account, as it was no longer needed. This was done during a call to support. Thus, this avoided further connection between accounts.

    After each of our appeals, we received a negative response from Amazon: “We were unable to verify the document (s) you provided”. Quite often, our appeals were left without any response at all.

    We still had an unresolved issue with Utility. The original documents of the client were rejected each time. As a result, the client gave us the go-ahead for a complete modification of the documents as we think fit. As a result, we made completely new documents, attached them to our seventh appeal, and sent to Seller Performance.

    After sending the seventh appeal with our authorial new documents, 5 days later our client received a letter containing the cherished phrase:

    “Your Amazon account is now reactivated”.

    Cause of the suspension: Inauthentic
    • Was taken to work: 11.05.2020
    • Account was reinstated: 10.06.2020
    • Account was blocked:  31 days
    • Were written: 2 appeals
    The issue

    The account was banned for user complaints about the quality of the goods and the discrepancy with the description. Unfortunately, the client did not have any invoices confirming the authenticity of these goods.

    The results of the work:

    We wrote an appeal explaining why customers might be dissatisfied with the goods, how this would be fixed in the future, and why the client had no invoices.

    Amazon rejected the Action Plan. After that we made several calls to Account Health Support, where we received additional information about the reasons for the refusal of the Seller Performance Team.

    Through a new approach to Inauthentic bans our specialists were able to show that the client is ready to reload the business and conduct fair trade.

    After sending an Action Plan with a description of the new business model, the account was restored.

    Cause of the suspension: Utility bill
    • Was taken to work: 02.07.2020
    • Account was reinstated: 13.08.2020
    • Account was blocked: 42 days
    • Were written: 2 appeals
    • Calls made: 2 phone calls to Account Health Support

    Before contacting us, the client tried to send the documents on his own, but after the first attempt he was refused.

    The issue

    Immediately after registration, the client received a request for the Utility Bill for verification.

    The client tried to send the documents on his own, however, due to the fact that the appeal contained unnecessary documents and documents of an inappropriate form – Amazon refused.

    The results of the work:

    After the client appealed to us, we ordered a callback from Account Health Support and sent the Utility Bill. We also received a refusal for this request.

    We made another call, asked the support to view our documents online, after their advice, we sent the same documents in a different form, and the account was successfully reinstated.

    Cause of the suspension: Inauthentic
    • Was taken to work: 25.05.2020
    • Account was reinstated: 20.08.2020
    • Account was blocked: 88 days
    • Were written: 3 appeals
    • Calls made: 4 phone calls to Account Health Support
    The issue

    The client traded brands such as 3M, Caframo and Bitfender without the permission of the right holders. Goods were inauthentic (copies) of branded products, for which the seller received complaints from customers about the quality of the products.

    After that, Amazon banned the account and sent a request to provide invoices about the origin of the goods.

    The results of the work:

    Before contacting us, the client tried to unblock the account on his own, but the first appeal sent with the invoices was rejected. We sent two appeals along with the client’s old invoices, which Amazon also rejected.

    After that we changed the unban strategy, updated the appeal and attached new invoices from the official supplier. The documents were checked by Amazon for more than three weeks, after which we received a message about unblocking the account.

    Cause of the suspension: Related
    • Was taken to work: 17.07.2020
    • Account was reinstated: 05.08.2020
    • Account was blocked: 19 days
    • Were written: 2 appeals
    The issue

    Another client appeals to us, his account was banned for related.

    The results of the work:

    By the time of his request, we already had enough experience regarding the reinstating the accounts blocked by an obvious error of the Amazon system.

    The first appeal was written based on the client’s assumptions and guesses regarding the links to another account. Such an appeal was not accepted.

    The second appeal was written entirely in accordance with our strategy and supported by one single contract developed by our specialist specifically for this strategy. On 08/04/2020 the appeal with the documents was sent to Amazon, and on 08/05/2020 in the morning we already received a response about reinstating the account.

    Cause of the suspension: Product Authenticity, Documents Manipulation
    • Was taken to work: 13.01.2020
    • Account was reinstated: 31.08.2020
    • Account was blocked: 231 days
    • Were written:more than 20 appeals
    • Calls made:more than 20 calls
    The issue

    The client sold goods purchased from retail suppliers. When verifying the authenticity of the product, the client could not provide all the invoices, because goods were purchased over a year ago. For this reason, the client decided to make his own invoices and send them to Amazon. Amazon called the suppliers and they were unable to confirm the validity of the invoices. Thus, the client received two types of ban.

    The results of the work:

    In our first appeals, we described in as much detail as possible the reasons for forgery of invoices, and also tried to prove the authenticity of goods, since they were bought from reliable and verified retail suppliers.

    Unfortunately, Amazon did not want to accept appeals and soon stopped responding to emails. A large number of calls and corrections based on their appeals did not give any result.

    After trying almost all methods of the unblocking, it was decided to contact a different and more responsible Amazon team.  However according to the results of consideration of the information provided, a refusal was received.

    After analyzing the whole situation again, as well as the information previously provided, a different approach to writing an appeal was developed. A package of documents was provided to the new appeal, which later proved to be decisive for unblocking the account. The last appeal was considered for almost a month, and the decision on it was already positive.

    Cause of the suspension: Product Inauthenticity
    • Was taken to work: 23.04.2020
    • Account was reinstated: 26.08.2020
    • Account was blocked: 124 days
    • Were written: more than 10 appeals
    • Calls made:more than 15 calls
    The issue

    A month after registering an account and creating the first listings, the client received a request to provide Invoice for the placed goods.

    The results of the work:

    All invoices and other documentation for the goods were available. Goods were purchased directly from a manufacturer in the Russian Federation. However, despite the presence of invoices and an authorization letter from the manufacturer, Amazon refused to unblock the account. Invoice has been changed several times to completely meet Amazon’s requirements. According to the results of the calls, we were told every time about providing more detailed information about the supplier.

    Such Amazon reaction was due to the fact that Russia is on the list of risky countries, which is why there were such serious problems with unblocking the account.

    As a result, it was decided to cardinally change the approach to writing an appeal and send it to another team.

    Cause of suspension: Inauthenticity, Related
    • Was taken to work: 31.03.2020
    • Account was reinstated: 25.08.2020
    • Account was blocked: 147 days
    • Were written:more than 15 appeals
    • Calls made:more than 20 calls
    The issue
    Initially, the account was banned for trade in inauthentic goods.
    After sending the invoices that the client had, Amazon refused because it could not verify the supplier.
    The results of the work:
    Several calls were made to Amazon. Then we developed our own strategy for Plan of action and convincing Amazon in readiness to restart the business and trade in authentic goods.
    Unfortunately, Seller Performance was rejected several times due to minor shortcomings in the Plan of action. A few new calls were made to Account Health Support. Comments about missing points in the Plan were received.
    Unexpectedly, we received an account notification about being blocked by reason of Related.
    We had to analyze the possible reasons and, after new calls to Amazon, a specific related account was installed.
    It turned out that the client had permission to open this account, after which it was easy to unblock both the main and the related accounts.
    But we again received a letter on the main account about blocking for Inauthenticity.
    After correcting all the comments in the Plan, the appeal was sent again. Making regular calls, we received responses that the appeal was either being considered or was refused.
    On Amazon’s recommendation, we added new details to the Plan of action, improving the part with preventive measures.
    Calls were made every week to clarify the appeal status. After 1.5 months of waiting, we received a long-expected notification about the unblocking.
    Cause of suspension: Variation Policy Violation
    • Was taken to work: 24.07.2020
    • Account was reinstated: 28.09.2020
    • Account was blocked: 66 days
    • Were written: 1 appeal by client, 3 appeals by our team to the Seller Performance Team
    The issue

    The client’s account was blocked due to deliberate creation of incorrect variations that grossly violate Amazon policy, namely:
    – several variations were created where Child ASINs did not match Parent ASINs in relation to the product model;
    – Child ASINs were created with wrong color attribute;
    – photos on many Child ASINs have been changed so that they correspond to certain Parent ASINs.

    The results of the work:

    The first 2 appeals were written by our team based on the study of warning notices from Amazon (Policy Warnings) received by the client even before the account was blocked, as well as based on information received from the client himself.

    After rejection of the first 2 appeals, we decided to order an internal account screen.

    Based on the information from the screen, we wrote a new appeal and sent it to another, more expert team.

    However, we were once again refused.

    In the new Plan of action, we have completely changed the Root cause. Since there were a lot of variations that violated Amazon’s policy, we had to split the Root cause points very strongly in order to convey to Amazon the “scheme” of manipulating variations as easily as possible. The second and third parts of the Plan were also significantly changed.

    We sent a new appeal to another Amazon team and received a response about reinstating the account 3 weeks later.

    Cause of the suspension: Intellectual Property Violations
    • Was taken to work: 04.05.2020
    • Account was reinstated: 21.09.2020
    • Account was blocked: 140 days
    • Were written: 5 appeals
    • Calls made:more than 10 calls
    The issue

    The seller received on the account a patent infringement complaint from the copyright holder – Electrolux.

    The seller purchased goods from Alibaba and did not have direct license to sell from the Brand. Besides, there were no invoices.

    We wrote an appeal explaining the reasons for working without invoices.

    However, the appeal was rejected: it was required that the Copyright Holder withdraw his complaint and invoices.

    The results of the work:

    We contacted the Brand representatives and started to correspond with them. We also contacted the supplier on Alibaba. The supplier did not respond to our request in any way, so we had to make an appeal without invoices.

    Brand representative, in its turn, was ready to discuss the terms for withdrawing the complaint, but the amounts that were charged did not suit us.

    Therefore, we continued to interact only with Amazon. From time to time, Amazon demanded for withdrawing the complaint in the first turn.

    We called, the support also insisted that without withdrawing, the account would not be unblocked.

    In our last appeal, we listed the entire list of actions that were taken to withdraw the complaint. The appeal itself was corrected and supplemented.

    Thus, Amazon saw that we had done everything to withdraw the complaint, also changed our approach to doing business in the future, and the account was successfully reinstated

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